Labor Day = Writing time

Actually – it was more edit time.  I did some major editing starting with the chapter you’re getting tonight – through to chapter 51 where I currently am.  I had to do some time adjusting, and that really put me back so I’m sorry I didn’t get the chapter up yesterday.  I’m still working through the edits and I only moved everything by 2 weeks – but this proves my method of holding back chapters so I can sit and ponder.

I’m not even sure if my campsite (where I spent the weekend) had strong enough wifi to post – but once I knew I needed to adjust the timing, the wifi was a moot point.

I tried something different with this chapter – I hope y’all can follow my method.  Let me know if it works or not.

Actually – when I originally timelined out this story – this chapter was the last one for book one, then I was going to take a break and write the sequel – ‘Together’.  I have too many loose ends to have you guys wait.  I’m sure y’all are looking forward to the Summit.  That’s all written so it’s in edit and consistency mode now.   The after Summit is HARD – but you’ll need to wait and find out why (HEHEHEHE).


Chapter 43 – The Honeymoon (the honeymoon mags?  What happened to the wedding?  You’ll see, hence the comments on my different method for this chapter.)

Updated Teaser for Chapter 44

And I haven’t mentioned in a while – I don’t own these characters.


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