IWTS2013 1st place

THANK YOU THANK YOU if you voted for my story. I won the popular vote for I Write the Songs and I was flying high on that one – while stuck working late most nights. Thanks a bunch.

I have lots of drama where I’m writing now (Chapters 45 plus AKA Vegas) that we may be looking at weekly only updates (which is kinda what’s been happening, but I haven’t had time to explain.) Even now, I have stuff ready to flow from my fingertips for chapter 47, but I knew you would all hate me for not posting this weekend.

This title should have been called Stew or that Prego sauce cause it seems like it has everything in it – titling it was the hardest part. So we cover April here.

Starting with Chapter 42, I have dresses picked to show off, so if you like to see what I was thinking when trying to describe fashion (something I can’t do),  be sure to read here from my wordpress site. If you read here though, you have to promise to leave comments just like you’d leave a review.

Cause I’m a comment and review whore like that.



Chapter 41

Updated Beauty and the Beast Teaser

Will write for comments, please help . . .

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